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Experiential Marketing is Evolving… and Exhibitus Along with It

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Experiential Marketing is Evolving… and Exhibitus Along with It

Much has changed in business over the past thirty years. Innovative technologies shine a light on buyer behaviors that in the past were quantitative guesses. Buyers demand not only a reliable product but now expect a brand to enhance their world. New communications channels open every day. The list goes on!

With this transformation, Exhibitus has also evolved. Engagement technology became a standard addition to our clients’ exhibit environments in the years leading up to the pandemic. But given the lack of face-to-face events, that period saw a significant increase in our digital and virtual offerings and, most importantly, solidified our experiential marketing strategies to provide a unique brand experience.

We are excited to share the steps we have taken to ready our business for the opportunities of 2024, and beyond. These changes are the solid foundation of support for clients ready to embrace the proven returns of experiential marketing. Our award-winning team of strategists, design creatives, measurement specialists and expert craftsmen stand ready to craft a brand experience like no other!

National Expansion – In addition to headquarters in Atlanta and Midwest operations in Chicago, Exhibitus expanded westward with a new facility in Phoenix, Arizona. This location at 13250 W Cactus Rd., Suite 1 Surprise, Arizona 85379 offers sales, fabrication and warehousing services.

Exhibitus executes multiple events for clients in Las Vegas annually. With warehousing available in Phoenix, these clients can store and readily reuse their properties. In addition, Phoenix is within a day’s drive of other convention cities, including Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  Clients with western events also will have direct access to the company’s robust portfolio of rental properties that can captivate an audience without a significant capital expenditure.

A Creative Agency Approach – A creative agency focuses first on a client’s business objectives and the target audience they want to attract. By learning what a company wants to achieve and with whom, we help brands develop and implement strategies that ensure measurable results.

Experiential Marketing aims for interaction with a brand that builds relationships and leaves a lasting impression. For years Exhibitus has guided clients to meet live event objectives by integrating memorable, immersive engagement moments for target audiences with brand-focused designs and visual components. To continue to evolve this market-driven approach and further expanded required capabilities, we have welcomed industry-veteran Rodrigo Espinosa as Chief Strategist to guide the continued evolution of Exhibitus as a creative agency.

Industry Advocacy – As the COVID pandemic took hold, it was obvious that most industries had more pronounced lobby efforts in place that would give them access to government support to survive through the dark days. Exhibitus, along with other industry leaders and representatives from companies with significant live marketing programs, have joined the Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance (ECA) in gaining visibility by meeting with members of Congress about the vital role that face-to-face business events play in a growing economic environment.

Another example of our efforts is through The Exhibitor Advocate, an organization designed to help all exhibitors thrive by collaborating with all stakeholders to promote and cultivate open communications, consistent standards, and industry best practices.

Exhibitus also supports the Experiential Designers & Producers Association’s (EDPA) future workforce initiatives through active participation on the committee. The Future Workforce committee seeks to grow the talent pool of the events industry by creating interest in the jobs and career paths afforded at the student level.  The EDPA has forged alliances with universities and other resources such as trade schools, junior colleges, high schools, universities, alumni and veteran associations to fill the pipeline of talent needed to meet current and future needs of the industry.  Through Future Workforce, these populations are also provided direct routes to jobs from EDPA members across the country.

In summary, we look forward to 2024. Exhibitus is proactively adapting to the evolving landscape of experiential marketing by embracing new technologies, expanding geographically, adopting a creative agency approach, engaging in industry advocacy, and demonstrating a commitment to ongoing evolution by adding talent. We are well-positioned for continued success in the dynamic world of experiential and event marketing. Join us!