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Exhibitus’ Falberg to be Interviewed on CEO Exclusive Radio

Program Focuses on Emerging Trends from CEOs and Their Most Trusted Advisors ***Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) 24 April 2017 – Exhibitus announced today that the company’s Founder and President, Brad Falberg, will be interviewed on the April 25, 2017 show of CEO Exclusive Radio. He will be joined by his business partner, Todd Bugg, Vice President of Operations.

CEO Exclusive Radio is hosted by Soyini Coke, Managing Principal at Annona Enterprises, a strategic advisory firm.  Since February 2015, Coke has hosted a weekly discussion with successful CEOs and their most trusted advisors about business and market trends, as well as proven strategies that have allowed their organizations to thrive.

“I founded Exhibitus over 20 years ago and enjoyed moderate success in the early years,” said Falberg.  “But when I brought Todd and Mike Edwards, Vice President of Creative Services, on to help me run the company about eight years ago, it was the beginning of a significant growth spurt.”

Exhibitus’ management team believes that when the market is growing, it is the job of the CEO and his/her team to make sure a company takes advantage of that growth. But over the past eight years, the Exhibitus team has discovered that opportunities for more significant growth can lie in subtle industry changes. For example, in the event industry they noticed that many companies were starting to ignore certain design fundamentals required for compelling exhibit structures in favor of saving transportation and setup costs.

“Based on our many years of experience, we know and understand the importance of good design to gain brand awareness and overall program results,” continued Falberg.  “As the shift away from design took hold, we began educating clients, leading with the mantra Design Matters. Also, we implemented a creative approach, based on the principles of Design Thinking, that requires greater collaboration internally and with our clients.  This methodology has resulted in a number of award-winning projects, thought leadership opportunities and recognition over the past several years.”

Falberg and his team will share with CEO Exclusive Radio listeners other ways changing industry trends have provided opportunities for the company’s success. To hear this and other shows on CEO Exclusive Radio, go to