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Do You Have a Seat at the Right Table?

There’s no denying that the COVID pandemic has brought many changes to the workplace. But even before the virus consumed the world as we knew it, many corporations realized that the most engaged employees were ones that understood how their role and their performance contributed to the company’s bottom-line success.

The hierarchal structure in the past kept corporate goals and objectives “secret” from all but top-level management. Employees were expected to perform to their best capabilities, but were not told how these results would integrate into overall objectives or make their jobs more secure because the company was doing well.

Unfortunately, event marketers were often the poster child for this approach. Trade show objectives such as number of leads or sales closed at an event were “handed down” to the event team. These numbers were presented without context and expected to be accepted without question by team members.

Many event marketers believe that ensuring everything goes as planned on the trade show floor will garner recognition and advancement.  That’s certainly a first step, but another important and often overlooked component is the ability to reach goals that increase profitability of the organization.  For this to happen, event teams must be at the right table. The right table is where information about corporate objectives is explained and ways to meet these expectations are discussed, with questions addressed.

Achieving success as an event marketer requires quantifiable results, and the event team’s accomplishments must be linked to business profitability. This requires a well-defined and integrated program component focused on measurement. We will continue to explore how data and analysis can help an event team obtain the credit their program deserves, as well as ensure each team member is recognized and appreciated for their contribution.  Most importantly, these elements help build a pathway to a rewarding career.

Developing a successful career as an event marketer takes planning, effort and the right seat at the table. Contact us to learn how Exhibitus’ Results Division can provide the measurement component that demonstrates the contribution you and your team are making to overall corporate success.