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5 Things to Watch for When Renting Trade Show Displays

5 Things to Watch For When Renting Trade Show Displays | Exhibitus

Renting an exhibit for a trade show is one of the best ways to save money, without sacrificing an appealing representation of your brand.   Also, going with a trade show display rental eliminates the stress and expense of building and storing a custom exhibit.

But, successfully renting an exhibit requires crystal clear communication between your marketing team and your exhibit house. Being aware of the process and communicating your needs will help you get the booth you want with less hassle. Here are five things to look for when renting a display.

Understand the Costs

One of the fastest paths to a  rocky relationship with your exhibit provider  is a misunderstanding about the final price of an exhibit. Often, you will be quoted the rental cost for only the booth, but there are additional service fees, such as drayage and shipping,  to consider. Be sure to clarify all costs at the beginning of the process.

Payment Deadlines

While rental displays are less expensive, they can still be a large expenditure for smaller businesses. Recognizing that terms of payment differ from one exhibit company to the next is critical.  Be sure that the terms and conditions set out in the rental contract will work for  your company before proceeding.  If penalties for missing payment dates are applied, the cost of attending increases while return on investment decreases.

Reputable Builder

Your budget is important, but shoddy craftsmanship can lead to a disappointing show when a poorly-constructed rental exhibit needs repair even before the show opens. Look for a company with customer references who can attest to the company’s attention to quality.

The Right Size

A common mistake marketers make is picking a larger-than-needed exhibit space on the trade show floor.  This leads to having to rent a larger, more expensive booth. Of course, you want to “wow” visitors who stop by your booth. However, an oversized booth may leave the opposite impression if it doesn’t align with your company, products or industry. If you don’t have enough product or content to appropriately fill up all the square footage, you will end up with an awkward and underwhelming display. A smaller, thoughtful exhibit can perform just as well as a larger one, and it will save you money that can be otherwise reinvested.

Simplified Graphics

An exhibit company is going to do its best to give you what you want. If you ask for a loud, over-the-top graphic on your display, they’ll make it happen. Sometimes your enthusiasm can be misread as a desire for extravagance. It is essential to clearly communicate the specific style and messaging of the graphics you want to represent your company and its brand, leaving nothing open to interpretation. Simple and direct graphics can make for a successful presentation.

Don’t be afraid to to look for smart cost-savings and partner with an exhibit design company to rent your next display.  Be sure to get all the facts and effectively communicate your ideas with the company ahead of time. If you would like more information on a custom booth rental, Exhibitus is a premier design company that bases its success on your success. Contact us today for a consultation!