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5 Key Indicators You Need an Exhibit Upgrade

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5 Key Indicators You Need an Exhibit Upgrade

Many factors influence the lifespan of a trade show exhibit, including fabrication materials used, the number of times it is shipped and set up in a year, and the complexity of the assemble and disassemble process required with each set up. But on average, industry wisdom says that with proper maintenance and care, an exhibit should last from three to five years.

For most companies with a robust trade show program, their trade show displays are a major investment and carry significant budget implications. So it is important to plan for a new booth well in advance of the actual design/build process.  But how do you know when to begin the process?   Here are five key indicators that it’s time to start the conversation with your superiors about retiring your current exhibit and investing in a new one.

Normal Wear & Tear

Your exhibit’s appearance is a crucial component in capturing the attention of trade show attendees. Anything that detracts from your booth’s overall look and feel could negatively impact a target’s perception of your company and, ultimately, your trade show success.

But regardless of the investment your company has made in its trade show program and exhibit design, even the best exhibits are subject to normal wear and tear. To present a professional appearance,  make sure your exhibit’s damages like scratches, stains, or dents, are immediately removed or repaired to ensure they don’t become permanent parts of your display. If you notice areas of your exhibit can’t be easily repaired or parts are starting to look dingy, you may conclude the time has come to invest in a new exhibit.

Product Alignment

Focusing on specific products or services is a smart design choice when you want to inform the target audiences about new products or upgrades to current offerings.  Product displays work best when the surrounding architecture is designed to highlight memorable features and you want to compel visitors to take a closer look.

When your booth design feels out of date displaying new, more innovative products, it is most likely time to replace your exhibit.  Should you choose to use an outdated exhibit design to launch a new product, you risk missing customers who could benefit from your new product.

New Branding

To piggy-back off the previous point, it is imperative that your exhibit embodies and reflects your company’s overall brand and personality.  All aspects of your booth, including colors, logos and graphics, need to accurately reflect current brand guidelines.

If your company has or is planning to re-brand the company or a major product line, then your current trade show exhibit will most likely need to be retired.  Investing in a new display is necessary in order to reflect the shift in your brand.

Blending In

Regardless of whether your exhibit is up to date and aligns perfectly with your most recent product/service offerings, you may still need to invest in a new trade show booth if your current one isn’t meeting your face-to-face marketing goals. The “wow” factor is an important draw in a highly competitive market where competitors work hard to differentiate their exhibits.

If you notice that your competitors are bringing in more business at the same show than you, this should be a clear indicator that it’s time to revamp your design display in order to stand out on a crowded trade show floor.

Inconvenient Logistics

You may need to consider replacing your current exhibit if you notice reoccurring issues or escalating costs around show logistics.  For transportation, drayage and other show service expenses, pricing is often based on weight. The heavier the display, the more you pay to transport it from one location to another.  A new design fabricated with lighter materials could bring down costs.

If you find that your exhibit requires an extraordinary amount of time to be installed and dismantled, you may want to look into a design that is created with the assembly process in mind.


If you think your company may benefit from investing in a new trade show exhibit, consider partnering with Exhibitus to help you think through the possibilities of a new display. Contact Exhibitus today to start the conversation and to learn more about how we can help you meet your marketing goals.