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Delivering measurable results

The effectiveness of trade show participation is difficult to estimate, making it all the more significant. At Exhibitus, we help you collect and analyze key data metrics to ensure your exhibit strategy produces exceptional results.


Design is where trade show ROI begins, but the analysis after the show is where it’s found. That’s why we guarantee your exhibit will encompass an all-round measurement strategy.

Once the show’s over, do you know how to uncover its ROI? We do! At Exhibitus, both our clients’ marketing teams and company leadership receive access to a measurement program that collects data and provides analyses. Our results division is committed to supporting you from design to analysis.

Let us do the work

Don’t get lost in the calculations. It’s our job to help you understand and justify your exhibit investment.

We calculate the total investment made and the value received – including tracking costs, categorizing leads and sale opportunities, and computing the ratio of sales and benefits over initial expenses.

Then, we tally the total value generated through trade show participation to produce a quantifiable payback ratio. This includes, sales, cost savings achieved through prospect pitches, and media coverage. Having collected metrics concerning costs, returns, and objectives, we inform your organization of the value of your trade show efforts.

Our promise is to continuously suggest measurable improvements to increase your expected ROI at trade shows.


An organization can only validate its trade show performance by demonstrating how event participation has contributed monetarily. To put it simply, your trade show metrics are what tell if your existing strategies are performing up to expectations.

Our focus on objectives leads us to another measurable metric: Return on Objectives. By setting objective-based benchmarks, alongside financial ones, your organization can recognize which trade shows produce the best results and offer the highest returns.