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Storage and Management

Economical storage solutions

What we provide

At Exhibitus, we know the importance of knowing the whereabouts of every element of your booth. That’s why we use a proprietary tool—Exhibitus Management System (EMS)—to support our clients.

This platform is a custom-designed, web-based application that manages all aspects of our operations including CRM, ERP, estimating, inventory management, purchasing, and reporting.

EMS ensures every aspect of a project is recorded and accessible 24/7.  Our clients have access to pertinent documentation through this system, including metrics and reporting.

Our clients love the following about EMS:

  • Inventory management with accompanying photos (including premium items and literature)
  • Automated inventory turnover for event wear
  • Real-time calendar
  • Capability to create property usage reports, including properties that have been discontinued

To ensure your trade show displays are safely stored for future use, you need a trustworthy partner that is well-versed in storage management. Our storage capabilities and inventory management system give you peace of mind, so you can focus on more important matters.


Storing clients’ trade show displays is our supplementary service. We understand that exhibition materials can be large, fragile, and even awkwardly shaped, and they require a safe, sizeable storage environment.

Furthermore, production materials are multi-purpose, valuable assets that can be utilized for future shows, but they need to be safely stored in between events. At Exhibitus, we provide just that and more.

Our trained professionals carefully handle the most fragile cutouts, struts, and panels ensuring they are packed neatly and protected from all forms of damage. Your assets are itemized and organized within our warehouse, and thanks to EMS, you can see and manage your items whenever you want.


A trade show program that requires travel around the country involves set up, tear down, and storage, undoubtedly leading to wear and tear. Plus, exhibits will experience thousands of visitors, and the frequency is likely to cause a build-up of dirt on your displays – reducing its aesthetic quality. Replacing displays is costly, and a less expensive alternative is a storage partner that conducts in-house maintenance and repair.

Exhibitus has extensive experience handling displays, which we thoroughly examine for damages and deterioration. Whether minor or significant damage is present, our team can repair your equipment in order to make it usable for the rest of your trade show program and beyond.