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Virtual Environments

Leverage Face-to-Face Virtually!

Staying connected to customers and engaging with the right prospects increases brand awareness, lead generation and revenue for your organization. Whether a show continues as a live event, has been cancelled or postponed, or converted to an online platform, it is now possible to leverage the power of face-to-face interactions in the virtual world.


A virtual experience offers the unique ability to extend your marketing reach to audiences beyond the event. With the additional touch points virtual offers, relationships can continue in unique spaces designed to showcase your brand and message.

The benefit? Your target attendees can relive their experience with your brand to move further down the marketing funnel, or share with those who couldn’t attend increasing lead generation opportunities.

We Have Options

Whether you want the virtual environment to be available on-demand 24/7 or launched via a live “run-of-show,” our team of strategic, creative and technology experts are equipped with the tools to deliver:

• Event Strategy Rooted in Objectives

• Virtual Environment Development & Integration

• Digital Audience Engagement Tactics

• Live Meeting, Demonstration & Presentation Capabilities, Measurement & ROI

experiential experts

Exhibitus has in-house experts in the disciplines needed to help organizations like yours create a collective “WOW” in the virtual environment. We can help craft the ideal user experience based on the behaviors of your target buyer personas. We employ proven processes to connect both the audience and staff experiences through storytelling, hierarchy of messaging and intuitive design.

Don't settle for templates

Like at any live event, strive to stand out from the crowd! Create an environment that is as unique as your brand. No matter the event, the Exhibitus team can design, engineer, build and support your virtual presence.

While an online trade show exhibit may fit the bill, you can create your virtual space to be any environment imagined. And why is that so exciting? There is nothing to stifle your creativity (and ours)! No space limitations. No rules and regulations. Not even gravity can keep you down!

So, contact us to help redefine what “virtual” can look like and let’s reimagine your program together – virtually!