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Trade Show Services

Let us handle your details


One missed detail during event planning or set up, and your whole show could go awry. There are so many moving parts to a successful trade show, and trying to balance them all yourself is a noble, but treacherous, task.

You have enough important things to track, so let our team of experienced professionals support you. We’ll pay attention to every detail so you don’t have to.


After you and your exhibit house has designed and fabricated the perfect exhibit, getting it to a destination safely is just as important. Between coordinating show deadlines, shipping and handling paperwork, and material handling, shipping your exhibit isn’t something you should conquer alone.

We cross every T and dot every I, literally. Our team coordinates shipping with trustworthy carriers and handles paperwork with the show to ensure that your exhibit travels swiftly and arrives exactly as it should.

Furniture Rental. Are you reusing the same, outdated furniture in your booth? At Exhibitus, we have access to contemporary, modern furniture beyond standard rental options. From couches and chairs to accessories and lighting, you can rest assured that your exhibit will be a unique, inspiring place.

Our clients don’t just hand-pick furnishings from our inventory to match their brand. With specific furniture in mind, our designers collaborate with clients starting at the exhibit design phase to incorporate relevant and memorable pieces.

Labor, Electrical, Internet Set Up

If you find that you need a few additional hands to set up and dismantle your exhibit, Exhibitus can help you find trustworthy Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors. Setting up your booth requires unique technical knowledge that a show’s labor staff may not have. Relying on their expertise, or lack-thereof, is not something event managers want to leave to question at the onset of a show. By using the same labor team time and again, they will be more familiar with your exhibit, meaning you’ll see more efficient set up, tear down, and packaging—something a general contractor can’t guarantee.


Hanging signage and booth elements from the ceiling, or rigging, is a dangerous job. Due to its hazardous nature, we are happy to arrange these services for our clients. Some cities require that rigging crews handle it, while other cities require your team to pre-assemble them. Work with Exhibitus to coordinate these details, so you can proudly see your signage hanging from afar.

Hospitality One of the most important aspects of a trade show booth is its ability to engage an audience. Exhibitus’ creative team executes one-of-a-kind messaging through exceptional hospitality experiences. For example, one client exhibiting in Chicago wanted to serve the city’s world-famous popcorn to attendees. We coordinated the logistics of working with the local popcorn company to bring our client’s vision to life. We support our clients, so they can take care of theirs.

Booth Staff Talent Are you needing a few temporary people in your booth to engage attendees? Some positions you may need include hostesses, promotional models, greeters, presenters, and assistants. At Exhibitus, we go to great lengths to ensure the talent we bring in aligns with the personality of the company. We guarantee that our partnerships with agencies will provide professionals you can trust.