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Inline Booth

Custom Inline Booth Design

The design of your inline trade show booth lures in potential customers to your exhibit. Good design adds prestige, and positions your company as a leader in the industry and in the minds of your audience.

The value of an inline booth

At Exhibitus, we build modular, custom trade show booths, which serve as a cost-effective alternative that don’t sacrifice quality. We understand the need to minimize your expenses and balance them with marketing endeavors that provide exposure.


Custom inline designs are perfect for smaller companies with limited marketing budgets. Businesses with larger budgets can easily create large islands in strategic locations to gain visibility on the show floor. This results in more elaborate designs commanding the greatest amount of real estate in trade exhibitions.

However, all is not lost! Smaller companies tend to forget that even though large displays immediately attract attention, an expertly crafted custom design can also be a standout on a trade show floor. With Exhibitus’ custom designs, you gain the services of an experienced company with over twenty years of expertise.


At Exhibitus, we believe inline exhibits must be designed with the perfect combination of design, messaging, and materials. Our first priority is always to create premium, eye-catching displays that attract attendees.

We do that through “Smart Design”, a collaborative process where we sit down with clients to identify their target audience and objectives for a particular trade show. This process results in compelling, interactive experiences that ensure your brand’s message resonates long after the trade show ends.

Furthermore, we set ourselves apart from competitors by offering data collection and analysis services. Our clients can confidently quantify key metrics, such as how many unique visitors they must engage with for a successful trade event. Additionally, we can also gauge the effectiveness of customer interactions, which attendees require for follow-up conversations.