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Our People

A stellar collective of talent focused on that competitive edge makes the magic happen every day. They consult, create, manage, build and execute amazing experiential moments. Our culture and values are the foundation. Their imagination, expertise and business-driven spirit continuously shout success.

our people

Hear the Exhibitus experience from the inside:

Phoebe Mathius
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Matthew Tumey
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Rob Majerowski
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John Coronado
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Our People
Dave Eurton: 3D Designer

“I once paid a guy a dollar to get me down from a camel in Egypt.”  

Our People
Eric Fleischer: Logistics Specialist

“I am a photographer, specializing in skateboard photography.”  

Our People
Tatiana Munoz: Production Assistant

“I love horseback riding. My family in the Dominican Republic has horses that I ride when I visit.”  

Our People
Caroline Daves: Account Manager

In my free time I enjoy reading, playing soccer, and watching the Braves… just not all at once.”

Our People
Stacie BeVille: Vice President, Strategic Accounts

“I am the undisputed air hockey champion of the world… at my house.”  

Our People
George Pearson: On-Site Supervisor

“I once won a Justin Bieber impersonator/karaoke contest, winning my daughter tickets to a Justin Bieber concert.” 

Our People
Hung Dang: Master Craftsman

“I love going on cruises & traveling in general. My favorites being Mexico, Costa Rica, and Dominican Republic.”  

Our People
Jay Maiers: CAD Engineer

“An avid hobbyist, including scuba diving, motorcycles, trivia, and more.”  

Our People
Chuck Vaughn: Master Craftsman

“I once dove 80 feet in Jamaica, breaking their diving record.”