Yamaha Marine


To align with Yamaha's mission, "to create lifetime memories on water," Exhibitus designed a custom trade show exhibit demonstrating how the company's products add value to the boating world.

Recognizing that boating is a world of curves, Exhibitus used arched, organic shapes as part of the trade show booth design language for the exhibit to suggest both forward and upward movement, as well as mimic the fluid nature of water. The architecture of this exhibit was built not to detract from product displays, but rather to complement the company’s brand promise.

Yamaha’s commitment to innovative products designed for ultimate reliability distinguishes their success in the marketplace. This achievement can be traced to its commitment to innovative products designed for the ultimate in reliability. As a testament, boaters throughout the years have continued to share stories of extreme reliability and performance on the water.

In designing this exhibit structure, it was important that the message “Reliability Starts Here” be graphically stated and confirmed visually through highly-crafted construction, as well as in the choice and treatment of materials. The restrained use of brushed stainless steel on the display edges and trim, echoes Yamaha’s strength as an established, refined and premiere brand. Product displays were also constructed to provide strong, reliable housing for the motors.

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