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Toshiba Global Commerce Solution is the global market leader in retail technologies.

Toshiba’s innovative commerce technology enhances customer engagement, transforms in-store experiences and accelerates digital transformation.
Since the company became a separate entity under the Toshiba umbrella in 2013, it has evolved its trade show program to include experiences and engagements beyond the traditional product demonstrations.

For NRF 2020, the development of the physical structure and the brand messages for the event began with a vision of creating an immersive brand experience embodying the spirt of satori – sudden enlightenment – to engage audiences with a frictionless shopping experience through new and exciting products.

The 2020 theme became: “Moments that Inspire.”
The physical structure was a city street scene offering moments that inspire – pulling from the past into the present, while combining future forward thinking.
The exhibit artfully blended physical and symbolic elements to successfully represent Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions' “Path to Frictionless” retail experience.

The Enso shape is a symbolic circular gesture which encapsulates the spirit of Satori, a Buddhist term for comprehension and understanding. This was used throughout the exhibit to evoke a sense of quiet comprehension of the possibility of a frictionless shopping experience

Theme-enhancing fine art:
-Sculptural overhead “orbs” captivated audiences with dynamic lighting effects symbolizing Moments that Inspire
-Designed and executed by professional artists, clever Moments that Inspire murals, street art, scenic artwork, and graffiti visually enhanced Toshiba’s NRF story
-Structural design blended traditional brick & mortar facades with future-forward architecture
-Realistic on-theme wayfinding in the form of street signage enhanced traffic flow in areas and encouraged product-focused attendee engagement.
-On a smaller scale, whimsical street art brought smiles and opened conversations on a cheerful note.
-Dogs seeking the nearest hydrant typically are a part of a busy street life
-What street doesn’t have a few furry creatures that love to shop.
-The joy of simple childhood pleasures can be found on city streets and serves as moment of inspiration.
-Details matter in the execution and success of an exhibit experience, whether a big overall design or small details that engage and charm an audience

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