Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is the global market leader for retail technology.

For NRF 2017, the company chose to minimize the focus on individual products and, instead, feature how technology can influence the modern shopping journey using an interactive exhibit design. The theme "The Path to Brilliant Commerce" was chosen to demonstrate thought leadership as well as the capability to execute by enabling, equipping and resolving issues for retail customers.

Steps a customer might take were displayed on two 10x20 “raw wood” walls using conductive ink technologies. Graphics of each were painted on the board. Conductive ink was applied by hand to particular areas where interaction takes place.

The conductive ink is then wired to a special board connected to the walls, creating a live circuitry triggering both sound and visual reactions with a single touch. The animation activated by touch are projected onto the walls from the multiple projections mounted above the exhibit.

Read about the award this custom exhibit design won.

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