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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The Company empowers retailers to prosper through a variety of innovative technologies, products and global solutions across the retail enterprise.

For NRF 2018, Exhibitus expressed the company's theme, “Joy of Shopping," by designing an environment that communicated movement, drama and a forward-thinking attitude.

The flow of the custom exhibit design created a path to tell a story of a joyful retail experience. The natural wood flooring defined the path, as did the dynamic header above the booth. Accents spoke to a contemporary look popular in today's retail spaces.

An interactive exhibit design, a string art display, was used to increase engagement and interest in the exhibit. Attendees were able to watch the artist as she worked pieces of string into a beautiful piece of art to enhance the look of the booth. The final display shows a family enjoying a happy shopping experience, visually illustrating the “Joy of Shopping” in a unique way.

Throughout the booth, other string art displays were used as accents to share information. These works of art now are permanently installed in Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions headquarters in Raleigh, N.C.

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