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Our Work

Regal Cinema / Lavazza / B-Fresh


Regal, a subsidiary of the Cineworld Group, operates one of the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuits in the United States, consisting of 7,211 screens in 549 theatres in 42 states.

Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of coffee products. Founded in Turin in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, it was initially run from a small grocery store at Via San Tommaso 10. The business of Lavazza S.p.A. is currently administered by the third and fourth generations of the Lavazza family.

As a trade show client, Lavazza was appreciative of the design and fabrication expertise of their trade show partner. Recognizing the similarities in design and fabrication to a trade show booth, the company turned to this partner to create and build Lavazza-branded kiosks for offering the company’s famous coffee items in Regal lobbies.

In 2019, Regal had a program to add food options from recognized vendors as they were renovating theatre lobbies. As negotiations between Lavazza and Regal progressed, Regal, was introduced to Exhibitus' unique capabilities. Regal then asked Exhibitus for design and fabrication proposals for kiosks for another vendor, B-Fresh.

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