Jet Aviation

Custom Exhibits

Jet Aviation Business Jets, a General Dynamics company, provides business aviation services, including maintenance, completions and refurbishment, FBO, aircraft charter and aircraft management and staffing.

Given the industry’s safety requirements and the sophisticated expectations of the company’s customers and prospects, the company’s presence at an exhibition must reflect the highest level of commitment to safety, quality, service and comfort.

Relationships are the key to success in these types of business transactions. To begin or further a relationship, food is used to create an atmosphere where collaboration can grow. Thus, hospitality is an integral part of Jet Aviation’s marketing activities at trade shows. This double-deck booth is designed as an attractive, comfortable café where food could be served and important conversations would lead to new customers.

Throughout the exhibit, the materials and coverings used demonstrated the quality of the company’s product line and the attention to detail that business travelers expect from a private jet, providing an attractive, comfortable atmosphere to conduct business–similar to flying on a private jet.

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