IAI is an Israeli company that provides a wide range of solutions for aerial defense. As a global company, IAI operates many markets around the world.

IAI’s U.S. subsidiary, located in Washington, D.C., offers the U.S. Department of Defense solutions for large-scale defense programs. A long-time Exhibitus client, IAI requested a design and build-out for a meeting space and showroom in D.C.

Relying on brand recognition from face-to-face marketing activities, Exhibitus created a similar look and feel for the space. A curved double-lit entry wall, with a textured reception desk and illuminated dimensional logo, welcome guests. LED lighting for interest and emphasis is seen through the lobby and adjoining conference room.

The size and complexity of the company’s solutions required 3-D printed, scaled versions of actual product to help customers and prospects appreciate the structure and quality of the solutions. Again, LED lighting was used to draw the eye to the product displays.

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