Genie manufactures material lifts and aerial work platforms, doors and access systems. As a leader in their industry, the Genie brand wanted a significant brand presence at the recent International Door Association Expo (IDA).

Genie had a number of requirements for its custom trade show exhibit experience:
(1) demo stations with fully functioning commercial and residential garage doors;
(2) a place for training sessions with installers/dealers;
(3) an interactive engagement that gathered specific information from customers and prospects;
(4) a space for private meetings; and
(5) a display area for the unveiling of a Genie-branded American Chopper motorcycle.

To provide a designated area for presentations and private meeting space, a theatre and conference room were integrated into the interactive exhibit design.

Given the large amount of life-sized products to be housed in the exhibit, collaboration between the Genie and Exhibitus teams was critical during both the design and fabrication process. Genie installed the doors and access systems as the booth was being built in Exhibitus‘ manufacturing shop to ensure smooth demonstration of all equipment at the show.

For the engagement, attendees played a quiz game in front of an 18-foot tall genie. Correct answers resulted in the genie granting a prize as the platform vibrated and emitted “smoke” in celebration. As each player answered the questions, relevant information for follow-up opportunities about the player was captured by the interactive system.

A 6-inch high platform built by Exhibitus showcased a Genie-branded American Chopper motorcycle, featured on the popular reality television series American Chopper.

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