AGCO designs, manufactures, and distributes agricultural equipment worldwide. Since 2012, Exhibitus has created AGCO’s custom trade show exhibits for the many shows and outdoor events the company attends on an annual basis.

In addition, at AGCO’s corporate headquarters, Exhibitus designed the main lobby, as well as its Intivity Center where customers and prospects view the company’s products. Each success has brought new opportunities.

In 2017, Exhibitus was charged with adding an interactive exhibit design to AGCO’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) exhibition. As the audience for FFA consists of high school students who are part of the Millennial generation, the company wanted an engagement specifically designed to capture the attention of this demographic.

Given that FFA typically is held in October close to Halloween, Exhibitus created a “Zombie Cow Attack” escape room where questions about AGCO and details about its products were the key to completing the puzzle and being able to “escape” the barn where Zombie Cows could attack at any minute. This engagement created an exciting, and sometimes scary, buzz that attracted a long line of attendees, and helped educate the next generation of farmers about the value and benefits of AGCO’s solutions. To add to the drama of the escape room, Zombies were placed inside the large farming equipment throughout the exhibit and and a “real” Zombies welcomed attendees into the escape room.

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