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The Exhibitus Blog

In the words of Linus Pauling, “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”

We most likely won’t win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry like Mr. Pauling, but here at Exhibitus we do have many, many ideas – some that have guided success for our clients and others that we have thrown by the wayside before we took another step.

To foster special “good ideas,” we gather information, we discuss options and we constantly evaluate the pros and cons. It’s through this collaborative process, both internally and with our clients, that we produce award-winning exhibits and marketing programs.

Now, thanks to the re-engineering of the Exhibitus Web Site, we have the opportunity to share some of those ideas with you through the Exhibitus Blog. Over the next several months, we are going to write about the following topics that currently intrigue us:

Measurement & Results
Color Psychology
What Your Boss Cares About
Of course, if we need to give our opinion on a timely industry question that pops up, we will.

All of the entries are meant to put a stake in the ground and are in no way the final word. We value your opinions, reactions and comments, and look forward to the conversations ahead.

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