Custom Environment Design

Each year companies book space at industry trade shows to reach specific objectives, such as presenting new and upcoming products, or building stronger relationships with channel partners, or impressing industry press and analysts.

However, securing exhibit space for your company is only the first step. Using the space to its fullest potential is the key to successful trade show exhibition.

Your company’s share of the trade show floor is a platform for showcasing your brand and its products to influencers and decision-makers. Exhibitus helps companies of all kinds create meaningful interactions with target audiences, turning prospects into customers, through custom environment design.

Too often, exhibit design companies are asked to use a formulaic RFP and rely on guesswork to construct an exhibit. . That leads to an exhibit environment that doesn’t accurately support corporate objectives, messaging that doesn’t resonate with audiences and, ultimately, a poor return on investment.

At Exhibitus, we believe the best exhibits are created using a design-thinking approach we call “smart design” that engages audiences and delivers measurable results.

Our collaborative process begins with learning from you about your brand, the trade show, and your company’s goals. We bring together our in-house experts in design, brand marketing and trade show measurement to conceptualize a custom environment optimized for every face-to-face encounter in the exhibit space.

Afterwards, we share our findings with you and incorporate your feedback into the next round of the design process.

Then we whittle away the ordinary from your custom build until we’re left with a sleek and inviting experience that is impossible for attendees to resist.

Custom Design Exhibits That Generate Results

Three things make Exhibitus different from every other design house in the marketplace: smart design, exceptional customization and measurable results. These elements inform every aspect of your custom build so that it attracts, engages, persuades trade show attendees and converts them into buyers.

Through our custom design process:

  • We design and build a durable physical structure made from the highest quality materials and assembled by the most skilled craftsmanship, all to your specifications.
  • We create a multidimensional environment that extends your brand into the physical space and attracts attendees with high visibility messaging they can’t miss.
  • We work with your team on an integrated marketing program that covers trade show logistics, aligns your exhibit with marketing promotions and maximizes attendee participation.
  • Once there, smart design makes it easy for decision makers to learn about your brand, interact with your products and connect with your company’s representatives. An Exhibitus custom environment is a complete marketing experience that makes tastemakers take notice, influencers spread the word and prospects ripen into customers.
  • We incorporate data collection into multiple components of the custom-designed exhibit environment so your company can measure results using the metrics that matter most to you.

Exhibitus leads the industry as a custom exhibit house that fuses the power of design thinking with marketing know-how to amplify your brand and measure your success.

We’d love to talk with you about what we can achieve together for your company. Contact us at 800-770-4392 for a consultation.