Custom Island

Custom Island Design for Trade Shows

From increasing industry exposure to building brand awareness to initiating new customer relationships, trade shows offer a wealth of opportunity for companies to engage audiences. Identifying which trade shows are the best venues for relationship building and aligning the calendar with your company’s resources are two important pieces of the marketing plan.

However, once the trade show is selected, the next step is creating the ideal custom island exhibit that will accomplish corporate objectives.

Custom island design for trade shows offers an immersive experience that attracts more prospects into the exhibit space. Once trade show attendees are at your exhibit, a well-designed custom island facilitates impactful interactions between them and your company’s representatives. A custom island is an environment intentionally crafted to get attendees buzzing, stimulate media attention and, most importantly, attract the decision-makers your company wants to reach.

Exhibitus provides companies with inventive custom island designs that successfully reach target audiences at trade shows. We blend design thinking and collaborative ideation to create an exhibit tailor-made for your brand. We apply extraordinary customization and capture key performance metrics to provide clients with a complete trade show marketing program.

Exhibitus Leads the Way in Custom Island Design

The typical RFP process often leaves design concepts short of the mark. Exhibitus’ approach, what we call “Smart Design,” is a collaborative process with your company’s team in creating unique custom island exhibits. This collaboration gives us an in-depth understanding of how to produce an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience using a visually stimulating, multifaceted physical environment.

Smart design starts with our award-winning designers and experts in branding and trade show measurement working closely with your team to understand your strategic marketing objectives. Your team may include top-level executives looking to implement a new marketing strategy and an event marketer tasked with carrying out the tactics that will make the strategy a success. Marketing and salespeople may also be included in the discussions. Each participant brings essential information to the dialogue that guides the design process.

From these discussions, we develop creative design concepts. After listening to your feedback, we hone ideas into a sleek, sophisticated and highly competitive expression of your brand.

Next, we build an exhibit structure to your specifications using the very best materials. We factor in transportability and trade show logistics to construct a custom island exhibit that aligns with your production timetable and exhibition schedule.

This iterative process helps us create a mesmerizing experience that offers attendees a tantalizing glimpse of your brand. Your custom island will include highly visible signage featuring brand messaging and bold color that draws attendees into the exhibit. We devise a layout that leverages every square foot of your exhibition space using inviting points of entry, comfortable furniture and eye-catching lighting.

As a result, your custom island stands out as a beacon on the trade show floor and serves as a multi-dimensional environment for meaningful interaction with prospects. All of this makes it easy for prospects to learn about your products through hands-on demonstrations, attention-grabbing video displays and great conversations with your company’s brand ambassadors.

Custom Island Design that Turns Leads into Customers

Collaborative ideation, design, construction and logistics get you to opening day on the trade show floor. Our custom island designs maximize the potential for turning prospects into loyal customers during the trade show experience. However, Exhibitus goes further than other trade show exhibit designers. We help you gather critical data about the performance of your custom island exhibit.

Trade show measurement gives you powerful insights into what was successful about an exhibit, areas for enhancement and return on investment. Armed with this data, event marketers and company executives alike can make informed decisions about future trade show opportunities.

An Exhibitus custom island design unlocks the full potential of trade show marketing. For more than twenty years, we’ve shared our know-how with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. Our custom exhibits expand brand reach, resonate with prospects and provide measurable results. We can do the same for your company.

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