Custom Inline

Custom Inline Design

Companies that invest in trade show marketing constantly strive to increase their audience reach. To achieve this goal, they often focus on the location of the exhibit space, staff participation and the types of products that are being launched or promoted.

Although each of these aid businesses in important ways, nothing will help a brand hit new levels of audience engagement as an exceptionally designed trade show exhibit.

While there are several exhibit layouts to choose from, a custom inline design is a cost-effective choice that doesn’t sacrifice the compelling aesthetics needed to attract prospects.

Custom inline exhibits are often found in significant numbers at trade shows. They are a popular alternative to larger custom island exhibits because they can accommodate economical marketing budgets.

Custom inline exhibits provide organizations with an opportunity to showcase the best of their brand. However, it takes the right combination of good design, targeted messaging and building materials to create an inline exhibit that entices trade show attendees.

Partnering with a design house that specializes in custom inline exhibits is key to generating increased interaction on the trade show floor.

Amplify Your Brand with Custom Inline Design

Custom inline design aims to amplify your brand’s personality so it stands out on the trade show floor. Achieving this objective begins with a conversation between your marketing team and the design experts at Exhibitus.

Exhibitus uses a Design Thinking approach we call “Smart Design.” It starts with face-to-face collaboration between your team and ours. We ask important questions about your product and target audience. We listen to you and learn about your vertical and brand identity and, most importantly, goals for your trade show program.

Throughout this conversation and the subsequent design phase, we are always asking how to catch the attention of prospects and maximize your team’s engagement during the trade show. “Smart Design” helps us meet the needs of our clients efficiently and produce radically transformative custom inline exhibits.

Once we’ve finalized the structural design, our team of skilled craftspeople brings your exhibit to life using cutting-edge technology and quality building materials. We use visual appeal and compelling graphics to create memorable interactive experiences that make your brand message the one thing people remember about the trade show. And, your custom inline design takes into account logistical requirements such as shipping, set up and breakdown.

Results Driven Inline Exhibits

Through our emphasis on collaboration with your organization’s marketing and event planning team, Exhibitus fashions custom inline exhibits that make your spot on the trade show floor a truly valuable stop for potential customers. We also help companies create opportunities for engaging prospects once they are in your exhibit space.

Engaging prospects is the most powerful action you can take at a trade show. We help you do this by being intentional about entry and exit points, use of displays and furniture, and working with your staff to make the most out of their interaction with attendees. It’s an innovative process that sets us apart from traditional exhibit display vendors.

However, the Exhibitus advantage lies not just in collaborative ideation, custom design, and expert construction. We also provide industry-leading data gathering services through our Results Division. While the use of data to support the decision-making process around exhibit programs is growing, it is by no means the universal norm. Yet, metrics are the key to leveraging the full benefits of effective trade show marketing.

Exhibitus understands the power of data and its impact on trade show marketing. Therefore, we offer our clients an array of tools that provide a window into the key metrics of a successful trade show program. For example, we can help companies estimate how many prospects they must engage to make participation in a specific trade show a worthwhile use of corporate resources. This leads to better decisions about where to exhibit, at what scale and how often.

We can also assess the effectiveness of interactions between staff and prospects, and help your company’s representatives identify follow-up actions to ensure conversations with prospects continue after a trade show has ended.

Custom inline design by Exhibitus results in exhibits that are second to none and create an environment for attracting influencers and decision makers to your brand, products or services.

Planning your next trade show event? Contact us at 800.770.4392 and let’s talk about the possibilities custom inline design can generate for your company.