Trade Show Exhibit Design

Representing your business at a trade show is a large investment of valuable company resources. One of the most important components of that commitment is your trade show exhibit design.

When you have an eye-catching, engaging exhibit, you can count on increased traffic, more leads and a higher return on investment (ROI) as a result. By partnering with a custom exhibit design house like Exhibitus, you can rest assured you are working with a team who thrives on making the most of your trade show marketing investment.

There are multiple steps to the creative processes we use to produce innovative trade show exhibit designs. We start by understanding your overall corporate objectives, your specific trade show goals and your brand’s unique value. Then we develop a custom design with the power to attract, engage, persuade and convert attendees into customers. Finally, we analyze relevant data to demonstrate the effectiveness of your trade show marketing to your company’s senior leadership.

Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

Most companies begin the search for the perfect trade show booth by requesting vendors to complete a Request for Proposal (RFP), including a proposed exhibit design.  While we recognize this process provides a large amount of information about an exhibit house’s business and processes, it is challenging for an exhibit design company to submit the best solution when the prospect is not involved in the creative process.

The most successful trade show booths are the result of a concerted effort between the prospect’s marketing department and the design house’s creative team. Custom exhibit design at Exhibitus is based on a collaborative relationship between our team and yours. We have found that direct communication with our clients ensures we have the necessary tools to create the most effective custom environment. We use the collaborative process to learn about your goals and your brand so that every square inch of your exhibit space reflects the value your company brings to the market and target audience.

We listen carefully as you share valuable information about your company’s history, products, services and objectives. Using what we’ve learned from you, we incorporate the essential characteristics of your brand into every design choice – from exhibit size to color selection, from the shape of the structure to the entry and exit points used by prospects.

Then our award-winning team of passionate, creative designers and skilled craftsmen get to work creating a captivating exhibit for your trade show event. We combine years of design and construction expertise with durable materials to ensure your exhibit will serve you well during the show and over the course of multiple events, if that is a goal.  Your time on the trade show floor can be spent engaging attendees, not worrying about the quality of the craftsmanship.

Measure the Impact of Your Trade Show Design

In order to better understand the impact of trade show marketing for businesses, we offer our clients industry-leading data tracking tools and evaluation services through our Results Division. The information we gather helps our clients make decisions regarding where to exhibit, what type of environment would be most beneficial and tthe most effective marketing and engagement strategies for increasing the opportunity for success.

Our data also provides a look into which of your visitors turn into leads, how many impressions are generated by your brand throughout the convention and the amount of money your company saved by integrating marketing, advertising and sales efforts into a single trade show event.

We collect information on these and other meaningful metrics so that event marketers and department leaders can effectively demonstrate the value of the company’s trade show marketing investment to senior management.

What a Trade Show Exhibit Will Do For Your Company

If you want a custom trade show exhibit that will capture your message and shout it from across the show floor, then Exhibitus is the design house for you. Armed with a team of experienced industry specialists and a holistic understanding of brand messaging, Exhibitus creates one-of-a-kind custom trade show environments for companies looking for success at their next marketing event.

We are committed to producing measurable trade show results and a greater number of leads through the creation of unique exhibit spaces that bring your brand identity to life.

To get started on your next trade show exhibit design, contact Exhibitus today at 800-770-4392 and let’s talk about how we can help you transform your trade show marketing.