Keeping Sales Informed and Happy | Exhibitus

Keeping Sales Informed…and Happy

It is generally accepted that marketing is everything that a company does to reach and begin to persuade a sales opportunity, and sales is everything that a company does to close the sale and gain a customer. Despite their common end goal – get more revenue and expand market share for the company – in…

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Best Trade Show Designs for Startups | Exhibitus

What Are the Best Trade Show Designs for Startups?

As a startup company, your first few trade shows are critical for gaining much-needed awareness of your name.. The easiest, fastest way to draw new business to your company when you’re in the midst of hundreds of other competitors is by utilizing an eye-catching trade show display design. By taking advantage of an exhibit that…

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Beyond Us | Exhibitus

Exhibitus Establishes a Charitable-Giving Initiative, BeyondUs

Company Adopts a Local Elementary School as First Service Project *** Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) 24 October 2016 – Exhibitus today announced BeyondUs, a charitable-giving initiative to support the local community.  Participation in various projects each year will be inspired by the company’s employees’ passions and interests around giving and service. “Giving back to the community is…

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Diving into the Profit Equation | Exhibitus

Diving into the Profit Equation

Your teams accomplishments must be linked to business profitability. As far as mathematical equations go, it’s pretty simple:  Revenue – Expenses = Profit. But getting to the final numbers for both Revenue and Expenses is not!  Many factors influence the level of both categories and ultimately affect the contribution to the bottom line. Let’s define…

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Find a Seat at the Table | Results Division | Exhibitus

Find a Seat at the Table

As an Event Manager, you know how critical your job is to the success of the company. Or do you? Ask yourself these critical questions: Is trade show participation just a check box that needs to be filled or are you attending because “the company always has?” Is your department so far removed from strategy…

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