Custom Island Design

A custom island means you’re surrounded by space. People can potentially approach you from any direction, and that means you need a booth that will be inviting from different perspectives. The design matters from every angle.

Designing for Show

When you’re envisioning a custom trade show environment, you have a lot to decide. Whatever you choose to do is best determined by what you’re trying to achieve.

  • You’re creating an experience.
  • You’re bringing people a taste of your company.
  • You’re introducing a new product or service.

You’re also in competition. It’s your booth against dozens, maybe hundreds. What are you offering that is going to make people remember your brand above any other?

Don’t worry. We’ll help you hone your idea, and dive into your brand to display exactly the features you can sell best in an exhibit environment.

Nuts and Bolts

If you haven’t done so already, we can help you determine the size, location and configuration of your company’s exhibit. The typical island design is 20 feet by 20 feet, (6.1m by 6.1m) or larger. Remember that what you’ll do with that space needs to facilitate – above all – face-to-face marketing interactions.

It’s where you’ll do all the talking, demonstrating and selling. Through collaboration, we help you create an environment that makes people want to enter and learn about who you are.

Your brand is a big part of that equation.
But another big part is the booth itself.

Why Choose Exhibitus for Custom Island Design?

People who see an evocative trade show exhibit assume great things about you from the start. They’re intrigued by your product or service – without even knowing what it is. Design matters. . It’s one of our differentiators; our designs for Kawneer, Yamaha and YKK won awards, including Best Booth in Show.

The Exhibitus Difference

  • We collaborate with you during a creative session led by our team of award-winning designers.
  • We have in-depth understanding of the connection between brand and audience attraction.
  • We love good design… and through our Results Division, we also have the ability to measure the impact of good design on your exhibit results.

All of these bring value to your customer’s experience. With our 20+ years in the exhibit industry, we know how important design is to creating a measurable return on your custom island investment.

We Talk To You

Working from an RFP is challenging. The most effective designs begin with collaborative discussions. We talk about your business and what works best for it. We learn your strategic objectives for upcoming events. All of our design concepts grow from conversations we have with you.

What we bring to the table is an understanding of the principles of design that make exhibits successful and a collaborative approach based on design thinking that creates options, not limits them. The end result is what we call “Smart Design”, creating an emotional connection that moves people to approach your booth under the unique, frenetic pace of a trade show, convention or corporate event.

Smart Design Must:


This is the first and essential element of smart design. Your exhibit must attract enough of the right people who can influence or make business decisions you care the most about.


Your exhibit is where engagement happens. We create the right airtight content and easy access to your staff, who can deliver the value contained in your unique environment.


Here are the psychological rungs we help you climb to persuade visitors: 1) Awareness 2) Interest 3) Evaluation 4) Trial 5) Decision 6) Reconsideration


Your effective exhibit will help the people you target commit to activities that generate results..

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