Using Customer and Prospect Feedback to Improve Marketing Events | Exhibitus

Using Customer and Prospect Feedback to Improve Marketing Events

Although trade show ROI and efficiency measurements are important, customer feedback on the value and effectiveness of your events may be the most valuable information you can get. Events are communication and engagement tools with the goal of gaining specific, desirable behavior from participants. This behavior only occurs if participants are persuaded and motivated to…

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Custom Island LED Lighting | Exhibitus

Cool Custom Islands Incorporate LED Lighting

So you’ve mapped the perfect layout and designed eye-catching graphics—but have you thought about how you’ll illuminate your trade show exhibit? Without a creative lighting strategy, the best visuals in the world can get lost amidst the sea of competing vendors. Exhibit lighting is a powerful tool that sets the tone for your whole environment.…

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3 Essentials to Remember for Your Next Event | Exhibitus

If You Were Stranded on an Island: 3 Essentials to Remember for Your Next Event

An overview of any trade show floor makes it apparent that island exhibits are meant to stand out from the inline displays that line the perimeter or flank the aisles. Larger and more feature-laden, trade show islands are designed to visually dominate the convention and boldly communicate each company’s message. However, size and prominence alone…

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Fun Alternatives to the Typical Post Tradeshow Event Survey | Exhibitus

Fun Alternatives to Your Typical Event Survey

Surveys are one of the most common techniques used by businesses to assess the interest of and collect feedback from their consumer base. The post-trade show survey has been around almost as long as trade shows have; and while the scope of conventions have adapted and grown throughout the years, survey styles have remained virtually…

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Improving Lead Quality with "Next Step" Follow-Up | Exhitibus

Improving Lead Quality with “Next Step” Follow-Up

You’ve designed your program for success through trade show ROI tactics.  And sure enough, the three days at the show go by without a hitch. Everyone is excited about the many productive conversations your sales team has had with top prospects. And the accolades for your beautiful new booth could be heard all over the…

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