Tradeshow Trends for 2017 | Exhibitus

Three Trends in Tradeshow Design at the Forefront for 2017

  Trade shows are a staple of the annual marketing mix but events, like other marketing efforts, need to be updated every year. Over the course of a year, various factors can influence the need for a refresh, from major industry fluctuations to changes in the company’s business model. Attendee’s expectations can also change over…

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Tools for Setting a Trade Show Budget | Exhibitus

Setting a Proper Budget for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a great opportunity to promote your brand, products or services to potential customers and industry professionals. However, it is critical that your program’s budget is in line with your company’s objectives and expectations. Only with a carefully planned budget can you demonstrate a successful return on your marketing investment. There are many…

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Let Exhibitor Attire Enhance the Environment Experience | Exhibitus

Let Exhibitor Attire Enhance the Environment Experience

When you have a big trade show coming up, your attention is likely focused on designing an exhibit that perfectly encapsulates your company’s brand—and rightly so! Whether you’ve decided on a sleek inline display or an eye-catching custom island, presenting a well-crafted exhibit is essential to enticing attendees to step into your space and learn…

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Effective Measure of Marketing Success | Exhibitus

Sales Opportunities are an Effective Measure of Marketing Success

Marketing as a function has many responsibilities, most of which are aimed at creating sales opportunities and improving the probability of closing sales for the company. This makes the Sales Team an important customer of the Marketing Team. In most companies, the pressure of producing sales results is constant. The financial strategy for a company…

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3 Ways to Save the World with Your Trade Show Exhibit | Exhibitus

3 Ways to Save the World with Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are an essential part of marketing for business. Yet, the trade show industry is oftentimes considered one of the least environmentally-friendly industries in the world. Convention centers typically have large physical footprints and hosting trade show events consume an ample amount of energy. Given the scale of a trade show convention center, it…

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