Your Staff is Essential for Obtaining, Measuring and Reporting, Great ROI on Your Events!

It is a demonstrated fact that a well-trained staff delivers higher event payback. Do you know they are essential to measuring and reporting your results as well? To be effective, exhibit and event staff must be clear on the company’s objectives for participating in a marketing event, what the measurable expected outcomes are and their…

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Trade Show Design

Emerging Trends in the Trade Show Landscape

Technology has come a long way in the past 25 years, changing the way we communicate, do business and go about our day-to-day activities. While computers and cell phones were fairly limited in their capabilities in 1992, they since have found their way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives and are changing the…

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The Industry Terms You Need to Know for Event Marketing

  Are you new to the trade show industry? At first, the industry terms that fly around the event marketing space can be confusing. Fortunately, you can learn the basics of trade show marketing after attending a show or two. Before long, you will know what each term means, and understand how it impacts your…

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Outdoor Exhibits 101 | Exhibitus

Outdoor Exhibits 101

Outdoor trade shows and events give businesses the opportunity to interact with potential customers in creative and unique ways that aren’t possible in the indoor space. However, in order for attendees and your staff  to have the best possible chance for positive interactions, it’s important that your trade show design considers all aspects of the…

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The Value of Staff and Stakeholder Surveys

  Staff and Stakeholder surveys are one of the most valuable measures of event effectiveness. They provide “internal customer feedback” for your events.  This critical information should be a cornerstone for any well-run event marketing program. These surveys serve to measure the perception of event marketing effectiveness among those who worked or funded the event. Often,…

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