Trade Show Design Graphic Design | Exhibitus

Best Practices for Trade Show Graphics

A captivating graphic is an essential part of any successful trade show booth. The more appealing and intriguing the graphic, the more likely attendees will approach your display looking for more information about your company. Communicating and discerning your trade show design strategy with your exhibit builder is the best way to ensure you get a look…

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Trade Show Display Rentals Calculating Expenses | Exhibitus

6 Hidden Trade Show Display Costs

Exhibiting at a trade show is an investment in your company’s visibility and success. Depending on your budget, you may purchase a custom display or look into trade show display rentals. No matter which option you choose, don’t forget to account for hidden costs. Otherwise, you could be in for a surprise when unexpected bills tank…

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Trade Show ROI Sketch of Exhibit Design | Exhibitus

Increasing ROI Through Thoughtful Exhibit Design

Exhibiting at a trade show puts your brand in front of people who may not have found you otherwise. Successful engagement is a key component on the path of turning prospects into established, valuable customers. Nothing is worse than investing funds in an exhibit space, only to leave without generating enough qualified leads to meet…

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Trade Show ROI Tracking Attendees | Exhibitus

Tracking Attendees Helps Measure Success

There are many ways to measure success of an exhibit marketing program. But details about who attended the event and who your staff actually engaged in your exhibit is typically one of the most important measurements an event manager could provide. Hosting  attendees who can directly benefit your company is a prerequisite to every other…

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Trade Show ROI Promotional Products Giveaway | Exhibitus

3 Ways Focusing on Engagement Boosts Trade Show ROI

Engagement on the trade show floor is what creates connections with current and potential customers. It starts with an eye-catching booth design and is supported by your company’s representatives who are skilled at interacting with attendees to gain the most from their time in your exhibit. The days of simple pop up banners, brochures and…

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