Understanding the Value of Conferences | Exhibitus

Understanding the Value of Conferences

There are many different types of conferences.  Some businesses host a user conference on a regular basis for their customers and partner networks. They work to educate customers to be more successful using their products or services.  Associations gather their membership periodically for motivation, education and networking.  But no matter the organization’s mission,  they continually…

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Trade Show Display 3D Example Trade Show Display Rentals | Exhibitus

Trade Show Dilemma – Build vs. Rent

Having an enticing booth is the most important factor when it comes to being successful at a trade show. If your exhibit doesn’t pull people in, then it doesn’t matter how good your products and services are, because no one will stop by to find out. To compel and engage target attendees, you need an…

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Using Social Media Stories for Trade Show Engagement

An alluring trade show booth design is the first step in gaining awareness of your company at an event. However, there are other factors that need to be considered to ensure success. Interactive engagements are one of the most effective ways to attract  your target audience.  However, many of these are based on costly technology.…

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Interactive Screen Display Trade Show Display Rentals | Exhibitus

3 Booth Trends for 2018 Shows

It is no mystery that having an appealing booth is the key to executing a successful trade show, but many people make the mistake of sticking with the same engagement strategy year after year. Whether you are using a trade show display rental or own a custom design, it is essential to stay progressive and…

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Delivering Measurable Results Metric Mondays | Exhibitus

How a Well-Trained Exhibit Staff Delivers Measurable Results

Experienced event managers know that without a knowledgeable, well-trained booth staff working each trade show, the opportunity for program success can be diminished. But what are the actual contributions gained by taking the time to implement an effective training session for everyone who will represent your company on the show floor? The following is a…

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