Building a Trade Show Budget? 15 Things to Consider Before You Begin

One of the most difficult—yet important—tasks marketing and event managers face is putting together a budget for a trade show program. Determining trade show ROI from last year’s activities is an important piece of information to review. But it is more important to begin the process by setting goals for the entire program, based on…

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Tips for Preparing for an Outdoor Trade Show

Though you have the same goals at an outdoor event as you do with an indoor one, your preparation and planning will look quite different. From your trade show design to the weather, there are a variety of factors to ensure the show is a success. Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or a veteran, here are four tips to keep in mind…

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7 Money-Saving Tips to Improve Your Trade Show ROI

When determining your trade show ROI, every cent counts. Keeping a meticulous record of trade show costs can help you prepare for next year’s show schedule and program budget. Plus, staying on top of your invoices can uncover mathematical errors or typos that could, unknowingly, impact your bottom line. Here are some tips to save…

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10 Steps to Better Trade Show ROI | Exhibitus

10 Steps to Better Trade Show ROI

The secret to achieving the return on investment (ROI) you want from your next trade show is to attract attendees to your exhibit who can personally increase your revenue or reduce your cost. If the right visitors appear, then the next step is to ensure they will be properly engaged. It is critical that the…

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5 Tips for First-Time Exhibitors | Exhibitus

5 Tips for First-Time Exhibitors

Exhibiting at trade shows is an exciting and productive way to promote your business and quickly enjoy recognition in your sector. Noteworthy trade show design can make you stand out in the crowd. However, a well-designed booth isn’t the only thing exhibitors have to consider for a successful show. Here are our five top tips…

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