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Outdoor Exhibits 101

Outdoor trade shows and events give businesses the opportunity to interact with potential customers in creative and unique ways that aren’t possible in the indoor space. However, in order for attendees and your staff  to have the best possible chance for positive interactions, it’s important that your trade show design considers all aspects of the…

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The Value of Staff and Stakeholder Surveys

  Staff and Stakeholder surveys are one of the most valuable measures of event effectiveness. They provide “internal customer feedback” for your events.  This critical information should be a cornerstone for any well-run event marketing program. These surveys serve to measure the perception of event marketing effectiveness among those who worked or funded the event. Often,…

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3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Work for You

When your company participates in a trade show, your exhibit is an innovative marketing tool that should convince attendees to stop and learn more about you. Competition for attention can be steep, with multiple booths and exhibitors working within the same network of trade show attendees. Your trade show design plays a large part in…

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How to Accurately Measure Your Trade Show Marketing ROI

In order to be successful as an exhibitor at a trade show,  you need to accurately measure and define your trade show ROI. Tradeshow costs, including floor space rental fees, booth design and construction, shipping costs, set-up charges, staff travel, and so much more, add up quickly. It’s essential to measure the total value to…

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3 Tips for Effective Crowd Control

The date for your next trade show is quickly approaching. Your brand messaging is on point. Your brand ambassadors are on board and prepared to engage your audience. The pieces are all coming together and the excitement is building. After collaborating with a professional design house on the ideal custom island design for your upcoming industry…

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