3 Tips to Utilizing Trade Show Exit Surveys | Exhibitus

3 Tips to Utilizing Trade Show Exit Surveys

When done well, trade show exit surveys can offer meaningful and actionable insights that will move your program forward and improved trade show ROI. If you are looking for greater understanding of  perception, awareness, and intent from visitors who engaged with your company at an event, ask them while it’s all still top of mind.…

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5 Things to Watch for When Renting Trade Show Displays

Renting an exhibit for a trade show is one of the best ways to save money, without sacrificing an appealing representation of your brand.   Also, going with a trade show display rental eliminates the stress and expense of building and storing a custom exhibit. But, successfully renting an exhibit requires crystal clear communication between your…

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How to Use Content Marketing at Your Next Show

An effective content strategy is essential to a successful trade show program. You can have the most extravagant, expensive exhibit that is the talk of the show, but without a proper marketing plan in place, you could find yourself looking back at your trade show ROI in disbelief. Getting attendees to your booth is only…

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A Detailed Timeline for Trade Show Planning | Exhibitus

A Detailed Timeline for Trade Show Planning

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a sizable investment for many businesses, but making the most out of every event is essential for new leads and impressing customers. One of the best ways to increase your trade show ROI is by taking time on the front end to make a detailed plan for each…

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"Mending the Message" to Improve Event ROI | Exhibitus

“Mending the Message” to Improve Event ROI

The next time you are on a trade show floor, ask yourself, “Can I tell what these companies do by looking at their exhibits?”  Better yet, “What is their primary selling proposition?”  And, “Can I spot a clear message that is strong enough to compel  prospects to actually enter this booth?” Chances are you will…

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