United Therapeutics

New, Bold Branding

United Therapeutics Corporation (UT) had been using the same exhibit for a number of years. The company was seeking a fresh “look-and-feel”, one that would better reflect updated branding and allow a higher level of engagement with target attendees – all within a specific budget UT’s managers felt would not cover the cost of a new, custom build.

Exhibitus evaluated UT’s overall tradeshow budget and identified ways to avoid costs without negatively impacting program results, including creating a custom rental booth.

In the past, large static images were created new for each show. Now digital content is displayed on 65″ interactive, touch-screen monitors. This not only reduced costs associated with design and production of graphics, but it also provided opportunities to engage attendees through product demonstrations on the screen.

These cost savings, along with changes in the delivery of show services and the materials used in the build, met the budget requirements for a new, custom rental exhibit structure.

And, with the savings these changes will bring over a two year period, the company was able to add another tradeshow to the annual schedule.