From Zero to Wow in 125 Days

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Toshiba) came into being as a divestiture in 2012. The company would be officially launched at the National Retail Federation (NRF) event in January 2013, only five months away, with three major holidays in between.

At the first meeting with Exhibitus, Toshiba had no logo, no branding elements, no campaign theme and no established architectural design language to share. In other words, starting point – Zero!

The company did have renderings of a new flagship product that would be introduced at NRF. Exhibitus translated the curved concept of this product into an edgy, swooping, clean design. A design language based on organic shapes allowed for a high degree of flexibility to accommodate branding elements that continued to evolve, as well as mold future configurations of booth components.

Design doesn’t stop once an exhibit structure is decided. The Exhibitus design process was integral in creating an overall marketing program for NRF.

After consideration of Toshiba’s internal marketing objectives, it was determined that three separate meeting rooms were needed and activities were assigned to each room with a specific objective in mind. A gala event was planned. Exhibitus assisted in the design of the digital content, turnkey show logistics and on-site supervision.

Given that Toshiba was being officially launched, it was imperative that the company’s message be consistent as well as impactful throughout the show.

Exhibitus helped Toshiba create training materials for a mandatory, in-depth session that included booth staff as well as company executives who would interact with customers and prospects.