The Path to Brilliant Commerce

For the 2017 NRF Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions decided to minimize its focus on individual products. Instead, the company chose to feature comprehensive solutions that would highlight the company’s innovative solutions, with a focus on how technology can influence and augment the modern shopping journey.

The theme chosen was The Path to Brilliant Commerce, based on the following view:

People are changing the way they shop. They demand personalization and engaging shopping experiences, product information and recommendations at the touch of a button, and a smooth and secure checkout. Toshiba delivers powerful and intuitive solutions that enable retailers to deliver extraordinary shopping experiences every day.

In today’s complex business environment the most successful businesses offer a customer experience that is unique, innovative and pleasurable. Lying at the heart of a customer experience is the idea of engagement – creating deep connections that can help drive purchase decisions over time.

There are many approaches to engaging with prospects and customers at a trade show, but one of the most effective ways is through the art of storytelling. Storytelling is a way to entertain, educate and create a shared experience. Researchers have found that stories actually release chemicals in the brain that trigger empathy and help you lose yourself in the narrative.

At NRF, Toshiba Global Commerce wanted to assure that attendees left the booth understanding the “story” of how the organization’s hardware and software solutions could provide a positive shopping experience for the consumers its retail customers serve.

They mapped the steps of two shopping journeys a customer might have: in a retail specialty store experience and with a mass merchandiser. Each of these stories demonstrated the three key pillars the company identified for success: Actionable Insights, Enriched Shopping and Frictionless Checkout.

Toshiba at NRF from Exhibitus on Vimeo.


The details of these journeys were displayed graphically on two 10’x20’ “raw wood” walls using conductive ink technologies. Conductive ink is screen-printed onto the wood based on graphics depicting the steps of the journey. The conductive ink is then wired to a special board which is connected to the walls, creating a live circuitry that triggers both sound and visual reactions with a touch. The animation that happens with the touch are projected onto the walls from the multiple projects mounted above the exhibit.