Innovative Usage Scenarios

Mimaki manufactures wide-format inkjet printers and cutters. In April of this year, the company’s USA operation exhibited at the International Sign Expo 2017. The International Sign Association (ISA) is composed of manufacturers, users and suppliers of on-premise signs and other graphics products from the 50 United States and 54 countries around the world.

Typically at this show, vendors simply display large printing equipment for attendees to experience.   Booth attendees tend to gather around these machines watching the printing process as company representatives explain features and capabilities.

Recognizing that the industry is evolving as more innovative solutions are being developed, and that the next generation is becoming more involved in businesses that rely on this type of equipment, Mimaki USA wanted to shift from focusing on product features to a more complex demonstration. This included shifting towards usage scenarios illustrating the vast possibilities, hoping to more fully engage the audience and spur their imagination beyond typical applications.

To accomplish this, the Company chose a retail store theme, specifically sporting goods, that sells athletic clothing and equipment.  In addition, to maintain a consistent feel throughout, intricate designs inspired by the work of a famous Japanese artist were created. These designs were printed and then applied to a variety of substances, including Gore-Tex® – material often found in athletic wear.  The art-inspired designs were also used to decorate the sporting equipment, including skateboards and bicycles.

At the show, Mimaki USA introduced a new product – a 3D UV-cure inkjet printer.  To highlight this product, 3D-printed models inspired by the Japanese artist’s work were on display in the booth.

Exhibitus designed and fabricated the Mimaki exhibit. In addition, Exhibitus worked closely with the Mimaki Marketing team to assure a successful transition from a product-oriented exhibit to one that offered creative solutions to its valued customers and prospects.



“The booth design was the talk of the show,” said Vernon Jones, Marketing Manager, Mimaki USA. “We received many compliments from visitors and even our competitors, who were amazed at the presentation and attention to detail.”