The Multi-Tasker’s Guide to Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Project on Track

Trade shows are an ideal platform for companies to advertise their products and increase brand awareness through different trade show booth designs. However, the many steps that must be completed before an exhibit is ready for the opening of a trade show can derail the best laid plans. With no shortage of reasons to explain […]

Food Service Industry Guide to Trade Shows: 2019-2020

Exhibiting at a trade show in the food service industry using a custom exhibit design is a great way for businesses to showcase the latest in dining innovations. These shows offer an opportunity to network with the most influential people in the food industry. Attendees are often star-struck as top chiefs demonstrate creative approaches and […]

4 Rookie Mistakes in Trade Show Booth Design that Hurt ROI

Exhibiting at a trade show is an ideal advertising opportunity for a business – allowing marketers to increase brand visibility and awareness, while also promoting specific products and services. However, to ensure that attendees leave with a positive impression of your company and are well-informed as to the benefits of your offerings,  it is important […]

Engaging Ideas for Your Trade Show Social Media Plan

Participating in a trade show and all that it entails is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, marketing moves that you can make to promote your business. When done right, a trade show can generate massive amounts of leads and prospects for your business, especially if you partner with experienced  trade show booth designers. […]

5 Key Indicators You Need an Exhibit Upgrade

Many factors influence the lifespan of a trade show exhibit, including fabrication materials used, the number of times it is shipped and set up in a year, and the complexity of the assemble and disassemble process required with each set up. But on average, industry wisdom says that with proper maintenance and care, an exhibit […]

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