5 Reasons You Need a Conference Room in Your Trade Show Booth

It is not unusual for a trade show booth to have an area where exhibitors can sit down with current or potential clients and discuss their needs, current program details, or objectives for future projects. These conference room spaces are built within your trade show booth and can be designed as a private meeting room, […]

Preparing Your Booth Staff for Success

Attending a trade show is one of the best mediums to market your company and raise awareness for your brand, services and new product offerings. According to Bizzabo’s 2019 Event Marketing Report, 95% of respondents believe in-person events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form meaningful business connections. With this in mind, it is […]

Guide to U.S. Healthcare Trade Shows in 2020

With Americans spending over $3.65 trillion on healthcare in 2018, the industry continues to outpace general market growth.  Along with greater demand, fueled by an increase in chronic diseases and aging baby boomers, investments in innovative medical and pharmaceutical technologies have soared in an effort to offer robust solutions for quality healthcare. To inform the […]

The Multi-Tasker’s Guide to Keeping Your Trade Show Exhibit Project on Track

Trade shows are an ideal platform for companies to advertise their products and increase brand awareness through different trade show booth designs. However, the many steps that must be completed before an exhibit is ready for the opening of a trade show can derail the best laid plans. With no shortage of reasons to explain […]

Food Service Industry Guide to Trade Shows: 2019-2020

Exhibiting at a trade show in the food service industry using a custom exhibit design is a great way for businesses to showcase the latest in dining innovations. These shows offer an opportunity to network with the most influential people in the food industry. Attendees are often star-struck as top chiefs demonstrate creative approaches and […]

4 Rookie Mistakes in Trade Show Booth Design that Hurt ROI

Exhibiting at a trade show is an ideal advertising opportunity for a business – allowing marketers to increase brand visibility and awareness, while also promoting specific products and services. However, to ensure that attendees leave with a positive impression of your company and are well-informed as to the benefits of your offerings,  it is important […]

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