Engaging Ideas for Your Trade Show Social Media Plan

Participating in a trade show and all that it entails is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, marketing moves that you can make to promote your business. When done right, a trade show can generate massive amounts of leads and prospects for your business, especially if you partner with experienced  trade show booth designers. […]

5 Key Indicators You Need an Exhibit Upgrade

Many factors influence the lifespan of a trade show exhibit, including fabrication materials used, the number of times it is shipped and set up in a year, and the complexity of the assemble and disassemble process required with each set up. But on average, industry wisdom says that with proper maintenance and care, an exhibit […]

Out-of-the-Box Themes In Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to introduce new and innovative products to your audience, or increase awareness of your existing products or services. However, every trade show manager faces the challenge of grabbing the attention of attendees while competitors are all working to do the exact same thing. Creating a memorable exhibit environment that […]

Stretching Your Trade Show Budget

In the face of increasingly sophisticated competition, marketers are being asked to develop unique exhibits and impactful experiences that amaze target audiences. Unfortunately, budget increases to accommodate the extra expense of the “wow” factor are often hard to come by.  Regardless, if you’re purchasing a custom trade show exhibit, repurposing an existing one, or using […]

How Experiential Marketing Benefits Your Brand

With brands recognizing the large numbers of viewers that proactively fast-forward through TV commercials or subscribe to ad blocking services online, businesses across many different industries are forced to find new marketing avenues to connect their targeted audience with their brand, product or service.  Experiential marketing, or engagement marketing, has evolved to serve as an […]

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