Color Psychology 101

Every year, thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of professionals attend trade shows relevant to their industry. While many attendees are intrigued by these types of events, many marketing and event professionals recognize the importance of trade shows as an opportunity for face-to-face interaction with potential customers, new product demonstrations and brand recognition. […]

Trade Shows in Atlanta – A Guide for 2019

Georgia’s capital is home to countless trade shows thanks to its numerous hotels and legendary restaurants, its variety of local attractions and comparatively mild winter weather. The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), one of the top five venues in the U.S., is conveniently located in the center of downtown Atlanta and is, by far, the […]

Two Custom Trade Show Exhibit Types to Consider

Designing your trade show exhibit is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for a successful face-to-face marketing program. To meet objectives and justify your budget , your exhibit has to be visually appealing.  This is where custom design comes in. With a compelling design, you will draw the target audience and leave the […]

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