How a Well-Trained Exhibit Staff Delivers Measurable Results

Experienced event managers know that without a knowledgeable, well-trained booth staff working each trade show, the opportunity for program success can be diminished. But what are the actual contributions gained by taking the time to implement an effective training session for everyone who will represent your company on the show floor? The following is a […]

How to Leverage Your Online Presence to Engage with Trade Show Attendees

It’s no secret that the internet has become the most powerful tool in the world. Every viable company has at least some online presence, but how can you leverage that footprint during a face-to-face conversation at a marketing event? When you’re in the initial steps of trade show booth design, knowing the details of your […]

Trade Shows Every Agricultural Company Should Attend

Offering a great product or service is the first step toward success for an agricultural company. Next, you need to get your company and offerings in front of potential customers with a unique trade show booth design. However, not all trade shows are created equal. Do you know which shows are best for an agricultural […]

Improving Trade Show Engagement Through Mastering Body Language

No matter how great your custom-designed trade show exhibit, engagement activities and trained staff are for an upcoming trade show, you still need to make sure everyone in your company sends a message of openness and interest to target audiences. Interpreting and demonstrating  appropriate body language can be a huge advantage when trying to engage […]

Take Your Trade Show to the Next Level with These Mobile Apps

Running a trade show program can be a painstaking and chaotic process. You have to juggle employees, travel, budgets, and effective communications, while at the same time making sure you’re maintaining a profitable trade show ROI. Luckily, the days of paper management have nearly come to an end due to efficient technological advances. There is […]

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