When Should Your Trade Show Budget Include Promotional Items?

Promotional items can be a very successful way to get your brand name into the hands of potential customers. However, if your item is ineffective, there will be no long term benefit for the money you’ve spent. The key to a successful giveaway is making sure it fulfills one or more of three essential functions:…

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When to Engage an Exhibit Design Consultant

Planning a successful trade show exhibit requires many different skill sets, from setting the objectives for the show, to designing an attention-grabbing exhibit, to installing that exhibit on the trade show floor. An exhibit design company  offers a level of  expertise and creativity that can’t be accomplished alone. They understand that many companies need the…

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Trade Show Design Exhibit Design Example | Exhibitus

Common Mistakes of Trade Show Exhibit Design

Size Matters The common misconception that “bigger is better” when it comes to trade show booths is a dangerous trap for many smaller companies. It is true that the larger booth spaces tend to be in locations that attendees must pass as they make their way through the trade show floor. However, this guaranteed visibility…

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