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4 Ways to Tell Your Story Using Custom Booth Design

A trade show is a great environment for engaging with customers and prospects. Storytelling is one of the best ways to establish and develop those connections. When you tell a story, you do more than entertain and educate — you create a shared experience. It’s a powerful tool that connects with your target audience on…

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Creating Engagement With Custom Design

Human interaction and connection is the heart-and-soul of business transactions. Ensuring long-term success for your business hinges on building and maintaining good relationships with your customers. In order to retain current customers and attract new ones, engagement is key. It starts with social interaction, but over time, it solidifies relationships. On the exhibit floor, your…

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4 Ways Rented Booth Design Elements Can Increase Engagement

When exhibiting at a trade show, your booth’s design should capture the attention and facilitate the engagement of your target audience. This principle is the same for both purchased exhibits and trade show display rentals. Renting a display has many advantages beyond a lower initial price point. In today’s world, companies often find that their…

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3 Trade Show Engagement Opportunities You’re Ignoring

Exhibiting at a trade show puts you in front of existing and potential customers. In order to connect with attendees, you need an engaging, innovative trade show design. Without engagement opportunities for your executives and staff, the time and money you’ve spent preparing for the trade show will go to waste. Face-to-face interactions lay the…

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Do Parties and Golf Increase Trade Show ROI?

Hospitality and other ancillary events abound at trade shows and conferences. Often times, these are not included when the ROI goals are established for an event. However, it is not unusual for receptions, mixers, networking opportunities and even golf outings to produce important and valuable accomplishments for your company. Consider these activities to expand the…

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