Are You Ready for Exhibit Booth Ownership?

Many companies use trade show booth rentals on the exhibit floor. While rentals offer many advantages, exhibit booth ownership can take your trade show marketing to the next level. It’s a big investment, but there are quite a few items to be considered beyond just the price. Are you contemplating a new custom trade show […]

Can Simple Storytelling Increase Engagement?

Stories are everywhere, from books to brunch conversations to blockbuster movies. They’re one of the most effective ways to connect with people, even when it comes to custom trade show exhibits. Companies looking to boost their trade show ROI can do so using proven storytelling tactics. By creating a shared experience, your brand messaging has […]

Forecast! Start Your Measurement Before the Event Begins

Forecasting can make a significant difference in how your event is perceived, how it performs and how it is evaluated.  Forecasting is simply an estimate, in advance, of the results of your key measures and performance expectations for an event based on set objectives. By understanding these goals, you can evaluate whether you have the […]

Is Exhibit Booth Rental Right for You?

Exhibiting at a trade show is one of the best ways to make a personal connection with current and future customers. It can also be quite an investment, leaving many companies weighing their options between renting or buying an exhibit. There are benefits to both options, but a trade show booth rental is a cost-effective solution […]

Things Are Looking Up for US Exhibitors, Literally

Customized and communicative trade show booth design is what sets the stage for a winning exhibition experience. Historically, displays on the American trade show circuit were limited in how much of their booth space they could use, which varies from show to show.  Whether for an inline or island exhibit, this limitation stems from maintaining […]

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