3 Ways Tradeshows Can Maximize Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In-person events like tradeshows are a valuable tactic for B2B marketers, but you have to approach them with an effective strategy in order to get the most out of your investment. Otherwise, your tradeshow booth could be a flop, generating little to no interest and leaving you wondering if the time and money you spent […]

Exhibitus’ Falberg to be Interviewed on CEO Exclusive Radio

Program Focuses on Emerging Trends from CEOs and Their Most Trusted Advisors ***Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) 24 April 2017 – Exhibitus announced today that the company’s Founder and President, Brad Falberg, will be interviewed on the April 25, 2017 show of CEO Exclusive Radio. He will be joined by his business partner, Todd Bugg, Vice President of […]

Most Common Mistakes When Creating a Custom Environment

Exhibiting at an industry exhibition or trade show offers certain  advantages over other marketing activities. These types of events give prospects a chance to see products up close and take part in hands-on demonstrations. They are also an ideal environment for company representatives to engage with prospects and strengthen relationships with existing clients. However, it […]

Understanding the Critical Success Factors for Event ROI

The three essential elements of any successful tradeshow marketing event are: The Right Participants The Right Message The Right Action Getting these right will deliver a positive return on the investment your company has made and will provide you with results you can measure and use to continually improve your program. The Right Participants You […]

Invincible Island: Understanding the Science of an Exhibition Floor Plan

When it comes to the layout of your custom trade show exhibit design, understanding the science behind the floor plan is crucial. Without a thorough idea of how your exhibit will be designed, you won’t achieve the results you want and your design won’t be effective. Creating an invincible custom island is all about the design […]

Event Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of in 2017

Trade shows are a great way to increase brand awareness and drive sales, but the way people visit and experience these events is always changing. The way to keep up and keep attendees interested in your company is by understanding current event marketing trends. While the focus used to be on premium giveaways, laptop product […]

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