4 Emojis that Describe Custom Environment Design

When you make an investment in a trade show exhibit, there are a number of important steps to take in order to arrive at the final product. As with any design process, there is a level of emotional investment that goes into the piece being designed. As an event marketer, many of your responsibilities require […]

4 Fun Ways to Turn Your Inline Exhibit into a Lead Magnet

Whether you’re headed to your very first trade show or you have years of exhibit experience behind you, as an event marketer you’re always looking for ways to boost traffic and increase lead generation. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need an exhibit that attracts the eyes of attendees, while also staying […]

Top 4 Exhibit Metrics that Identify Marketing Success

Although many think that the purpose of a trade show is to get a broad array of product and services in front of a large number of people in one place with the use of custom trade show exhibits, the real value comes from the making contact and building relationships with individuals qualified to do […]

Body Language 101: Understanding How Attendees Are Experiencing Your Environment

Imagine that a convention attendee walks into your trade show exhibit, and you approach them to start a conversation. Everything seems to be going well – they’re drawn to your custom exhibit design, they’re smiling and asking you questions.. By all standards, they seem to be engaged both with you and your exhibit. And yet […]

How Are Custom Islands Becoming More Green?

When you think about your trade show island design for the trade show you’ll be attending, you might not be aware of the ways “going green” could help your company. But consider this: recent studies have shown that nearly 600,000 tons of paper waste are left behind after conventions every year. Going green with your […]

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