Exhibitus Establishes a Charitable-Giving Initiative, BeyondUs

Company Adopts a Local Elementary School as First Service Project Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) 24 October 2016 – Exhibitus today announced BeyondUs, a charitable-giving initiative to support the local community.  Participation in various projects each year will be inspired by the company’s employees’ passions and interests around giving and service. “Giving back to the community is […]

Diving into the Profit Equation

Your teams accomplishments must be linked to business profitability. As far as mathematical equations go, it’s pretty simple:  Revenue – Expenses = Profit. But getting to the final numbers for both Revenue and Expenses is not!  Many factors influence the level of both categories and ultimately affect the contribution to the bottom line. Let’s define […]

Four Ways Snapchat Can Attract Attendees to Your Custom Environment

In the age of social media, news spreads like wildfire. Information can spread further and faster than it ever has before in history. The digital revolution has become a brilliant marketing tool and businesses are taking notice. Everyone knows the power of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but what about a […]

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