CEDIA | What to Look for in a Custom Island Designer | Exhibitus

What to Look for in a Custom Island Designer

Trade shows are a significant investment of company resources, so the type of exhibit you use matters. The difference between a custom island exhibit and a generic display booth can be measured in traffic to your exhibit space and the number of prospects generated from that traffic. A custom island is a unique trade show…

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Why Color is Important for Attracting Customers to Your Custom Island Display | Blueprint

Why Color is Important for Attracting Customers to Your Next Island Display

When you see a brilliant marketing campaign, do you think of color as being the initial element that draws you in and makes you desire the product? Think of the last time you saw an advertisement – you may not have given much thought to its color choice, if you had any thought at all.…

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Why Should I Consider Trade Show Marketing? | Trade Show ROI | Exhibitus

Why Should I Consider Trade Show Marketing?

The prospect of marketing your business at a trade show can be an expensive venture to consider. The cost of renting the space for your exhibit and creating an exhibit display can add up quickly, making you wonder if the investment is worth it. However, looking at the trade show ROI reported by other companies,…

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Jeff Smith | Exhibitus

Jeff Smith Joins Exhibitus as Executive Producer

Smith brings expertise to Company’s technology-driven engagement solutions ***  Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb)  15 June 2016 – Exhibitus announced today that industry veteran Jeff Smith has joined the company as Executive Producer. In this role, Smith will oversee the design and integration of technology to enhance engagement and meet overall corporate objectives of clients’ exhibit programs. The evolution…

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Outstanding Inline Displays | Exhibitus

Tips for Creating Outstanding Inline Displays  

Trade shows offer an exciting glimpse into what your competitors are doing. Exhibits stand side by side like storefronts. This allows every attendee to see exactly what is on display and make easy comparisons.  Seeing the competition, their products and their messaging can provide valuable data points for event marketers and their corporate leadership teams.…

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