Top 3 Ways to Attract New Eyes at Your Next Trade Show 

Thousands of corporate buyers, purchasing agents and other decision-makers attend trade shows every year. Many of these professionals attend the same trade shows each year while others are new to the circuit. In both cases, they’re looking for the latest innovations in product development or the perfect enterprise solution for their company. Therefore, every brand […]

The Checklist Every Trade Show Exhibitor Needs

Trade shows are a prime opportunity for companies to connect with prospects. Once you and your marketing team determine which events offer the biggest bang for the buck, it’s time to get down to details. Most event marketers use some type of tactical checklist to help them plan their event. And this is important, because […]

Which Type of Trade Show Exhibit Attracts Prospects?

A plethora of options await companies seeking to elevate their presence at industry trade shows. These days, trade show marketing is not simply about the types of shows companies can participate in. It’s about choosing how best to position brands to capture the attention of attendees, generate leads and achieve corporate objectives. Different types of […]

Exhibitus And Von.Lea Named Platinum Winner by Hermes Creative Awards

Receives Award for Magazine Advertisement in International Competition Atlanta, Georgia (PRWeb) 05 May 2016 – Exhibitus today announced that its advertising agency, Von.Lea Creative Group, and the Company were named “Platinum Winner for Magazine Advertisement” by Hermes Creative Awards. Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and […]

Three Ways Custom Environment Design Engages Trade Show Attendees

More than 33 million individuals attended trade shows in 2015. Among them were influencers, decision-makers, and potential customers looking for creative new products and innovative solutions. With this many eyes on hundreds of brands, it’s crucial that a company’s trade show exhibit stands out in the crowd. This is where custom environment design can make […]

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