If the Ultimate Goal is Business Improvement…

If the Ultimate Goal is Business Improvement… and, of course, it must be for the long-term success of the company, then all concerned – from the CEO to the VP of Marketing to each Event Manager – need to understand how custom trade show exhibit results can help grow the business. Seems simple, but often […]

Exhibitus Expands to Support Significant Growth

Exhibitus is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations, design and account services teams to support rapid growth in its custom and rental exhibit design businesses. Brad Falberg, President of Exhibitus, said, “The pace of growth we have enjoyed over the past seven years has escalated during 2015, particularly in our Chicago operations. Our […]

Above the Trade Show Floor

Drones are allowing photographers to capture images and design details that in the past would be nearly impossible to access – and that includes high up above a trade show floor. Yamaha Marine is the market-share leader worldwide for outboard motor sales, supplying products into more than 180 countries. To launch the company’s new “Reliability […]

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